Freddy's Famous Chicken Soup
Let Freddy and Troubles help you find a ferret soup that is easy for you and healthy for them . . . . . minus the ferret!

Freddy’s Famous Chicken Soup

Sooner or later your ferret is going to need a little something extra in the nutrition department to get through. Rather it is just a touch of the stomach flu you brought home or one of the many ferret illnesses, soup can provide extra nutrients, fluids and a little bit of extra love. Most medications can easily be dissolved in a little bit of your ferret’s soup making the process not only easier for both of you, but in many cases, safer for your ferret by ensuring medications aren’t given on an empty stomach. Since it tastes good, it is an excellent treat and is also good for your ferret!

*Start your ferret on some today as a treat. Ferrets can be finicky and when they are not feeling well is not the time to introduce a totally different kind of food and expect them to want it. Make sure they are familiar with and enjoy an occasional bowl, before you need it.

“soup": consists of approximately:

1/3 cup of your favorite dry ferret foods
1 can Campbell’s cream of chicken soup (do not substitute brands)
2 ½ soup cans of water
approx. 1/3 – 1/2 pound baked or broiled chicken, de-boned
3-4 hard boiled eggs, shelled

Using a blender, mixer or food processor:

Blend dry foods to “heavy meal” consistency. Set aside.
Blend other ingredients and set aside.

Slowly blend in ½ cup of dry foods to approx. 2 cups fluids, to produce a cake batter consistency.
Separate into ½ cup – 1 pint size portions and freeze. Repeat process with remaining ingredients.
(Many people freeze in ice cube trays and then store frozen in plastic bags.)

Prescription foods such as canned A/d or K/d and/or additional supplements can be added to “soup” if needed or desired.

To serve after thawing; mix individual’s portion in dish with enough warm water to create the desired creamed soup consistency (approximately 1 part soup to 2 parts water). Can be slightly microwave-ed, thoroughly stirred, but not too warm.

Keep refrigerated after thawing.

If you have any questions about the recipe, or would like to inquire about the use of supplements, or would like information on tailoring this recipe to your ferret’s specific needs, please contact us via email.

Revised November 2008